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5 Tips For Owning And Maintaining A Compound Archery Bow

Used Compound Bows Compound archery bows are a very popular option for recreational archers and hunters alike. These bows are simple to use and don't require tons of strength to use effectively. For the most part, a compound bow is the preferred type of bow to use while hunting and shooting targets, but it isn't the only option available. Owners of these bows need to know how to maintain a compound bow to ensure that it works properly each time. Here are some tips for owning and maintaining a compound archery bow. 1. Inspect all parts of the bow regularly, including arrows. You should inspect your bow on a regular basis. With that in mind, you need to look at every string, pulley, screw, and area of the bow for any issues. Also, the arrows should be inspected for any wear and tear, including cracks or splinters. Noticing these issues before they actually cause a problem while using the bow is the key to avoiding injuries or having to replace the bow. Like most other things, prevention is much better than dealing with issues after they occur. 2. Always store the bow in a case of some sort. Bows need to be in the perfect climate to stay in good shape. That means that you shouldn't keep one hanging in the garage or sitting outside. Obviously, humidity or cold weather won't be good for a compound bow. A case can protect a bow from just about any conditions, so you should spend the extra money to keep yours completely safe from the elements. Doing so will keep the compound bow in great shape for the years to come so that you don't have to regularly buy a new one. 3. Oil up certain parts and wax the other ones. The pulleys and other parts of a compound bow must be oiled on a regular basis to ensure that they work without creaking or snagging. Also, the strings need to be waxed occasionally to ensure that they keep their strength and don't snap prematurely. Proper oiling and waxing can keep a compound bow functioning for years longer than it would otherwise. Fortunately, it only takes a few minutes to take care of this maintenance. You should do it once or twice every few weeks if you use the bow regularly. 4. Always tighten the bolts when necessary. There are various bolts and screws on a compound bow that are bound to become loose after too much use. On that note, you will need to pay attention to these bolts and tighten them whenever they begin to loosen. Doing so will mitigate the chances of something breaking or falling off during use. Unfortunately, failure to keep bolts tight can easily lead to malfunctions or injuries. 5. Take bows with cracks or other blemishes to a professional for repairs. Cracks and major blemishes on a compound bow can cause it to break or snap, which can cause very serious injuries in many cases. So then, it's very important to take a cracked or broken compound bow to a professional for repairs before the bow is used to avoid some potentially big hazards. You would be making a huge mistake if you tried to use a bow with any major problems like these because you could end up in the hospital due to your own fault. Keep the bow in great condition! Don't let your bow sit there and waste away! You can only have fun with a compound bow when you actually take it out and put it to use. Letting it sit in the closet isn't going to do any good for the bow or yourself, so you should use it as often as possible. Undoubtedly, you have to take proper care of the bow to ensure that you can actually use it each time without any problems. Take care of your bow and use it on a regular basis to get the most enjoyment out of owning a compound bow! For more information, visit What is a compound bow?. By Errick D. Williams - Errick D. Williams has been a freelance writer and web designer for the better part of the last decade. He has lived in various parts of California his entire life and regularly travels up and down the West...