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Bow Hunting Deer


Bow Hunting Deer

Bow Hunting Deer - UNSEEN - With Great Camouflage
By []Jerald Goodell

Well the time has come in my state to stand and be counted as a successful bow hunter. It is time for all that practice and preparation to pay off. I always say that I enjoy getting out there so much that if I get one it is just icing on the cake. I do mean it but I also really enjoy eating venison and elk meat.

Now it will take some skill, properly functioning hunting equipment, a dose of good luck and a winning attitude. To increase my chances, I am checking all my hunting clothes. Good camouflage clothing is an absolute must for me. Bow hunting for deer and elk requires a certain amount of stealth. If they see you but don't smell or hear you and even sometimes when they hear you as well, you may still get a clean shot. I've had a large buck deer see me at 150 yards and by walking very slowly and deliberately towards the animal I got a clean shot at 60 yards. Every time I saw his ears stand up or his head pull up I stopped any motion. I held that pose until he went back to grazing and then I slowly inched forward very gently landing my feet so as not to crack a branch or twig. At 60 yards the buck turned 180 degrees and started to walk away from me. I aimed and released at 65 yards. After my shot, the deer ran over a small ridge and disappeared. I had just spent over one hour sneaking up on it and I was mentally and physically drained. The large deer had looked at me several times, but did it see me?

I had maneuvered myself in front of a stand of trees before attempting to walk up to the mule deer. I did this because of the great camo clothes I had on that would break up my silhouette. Deer and especially elk have very good eyesight but they react to movement. When Bow Hunting Deer or bow hunting elk, you stand a better chance at filling a tag if you have hunting clothes that allow you to blend into your environment. I have been buying camouflage hunting clothes from Cabela's for many years now and have been very pleased. They hold up well in the dense undergrowth of the Pacific Northwest. Also, I am built like your standard stump and I always find a good fit.

I especially appreciate Cabela's micro tech camo shirts and pants for the early bow hunting season. They provide great concealment and they breathe so I am not sweating when walking uphill for any length of time. By the way, when I walked over the ridge, I spotted a downed mule deer that was huge. Not a large rack, only a 3 pointer, but a huge body. My arrow had pierced the heart and a lung. It ran about 75 yards before it dropped.
I was immediately pumped up again even though the real work was about to commence.

Jerald Goodell is a husband, father and grandfather who prefers tent camping while out on fishing, hunting and
hiking trips throughout the United States. He writes a blog concerning his passion. Good outdoor clothing is very important and Cabela's outdoor clothing is a tested favorite. Check out Jerry's blog now at