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Archery Bows For Sale - Choosing the Right One For You
By []Etan Calvert

Long before we knew about guns and other modern warfare equipment, men relied on the simple bow and arrow to protect themselves against their adversaries. Today, we enjoy archery as a sport or a hobby. For you to be an effective archer, you need the best bow and arrow. You can find hundreds or even thousands of archery bows for sale in stores and the internet and if you're pretty much new to this field, choosing the right one may be an arduous task.

There are 4 main classifications of bows:

1.) Recurve Bows
2.) Compound Bows
3.) Long Bows
4.) Cross Bows

When looking for archery bows for sale, the first thing that you have to consider is your purpose. Will you be target shooting? Are you going to use it for hunting? Or Both? If you plan to do both, you will have to make some compromises. If you are into traditional archery, you can settle for long bows. Crossbows on the other hand are much shorter and are mounted on a rifle-like stock, this allows you to cock and shoot its arrow. The compound bows' main features are the cams and pulleys. These bows are great for hunting especially if we're talking about large animals here. You should pick out the one you are most comfortable with.

If you're a bow hunter, consider the arm length and physical weight of the bow. You don't want to worry about having to handle too much trouble in carrying through wilderness and firing in tighter spaces.

Other things to consider when looking at archery bows for sale are the size, age, strength and skills of the user. You don't want a kid or a beginner handling the same bow that they use for tournaments or hunting. Always check the draw length of the bows. This is simply the distance the string pulls back. When completely drawn, the string should reach to just behind your jawbone. Ask the store if they sell some compound bows that have adjustable draw lengths. Don't forget to inspect the draw height as well. Choose the one that you find pretty easy to pull back otherwise you'll end up getting frustrated each and every time you use it. A man with an average strength should pick a draw weight of around 50 lbs while a woman should choose a draw weight of around 30 pounds.

When buying archery bows, keep in mind that you always get what you pay for. Always buy from a reputable store or an archery specialist so you can be guided on what's best for you.

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