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How To Bow Hunt Black Bears

Bear Hunter Compound Bow Bow hunting Black Bears at the beginning of fall takes a few important steps. Following these steps will not guarantee a nice new bear rug, but they will give the bear hunter more of a chance at a productive bow hunt. These steps include location of the hunt, the hunting stand, the correct archery equipment and safety.

Step one is to get the correct archery equipment. The bow that is best for hunting black bear is a recurve, compound or longbow that has a draw weight of 55 pounds at 28 inches. Black bear hunting calls for a heavy arrow that is mounted with a large broad head, a 125 grain or larger with two, three or four blades.

Step two is to find the best place to bow hunt for black bear. This area will have acorns, beechnuts, wild grapes, apples, blueberries and cherries if in the woods, but if hunting on a farm, a ripe corn field will be a place the black bears will most likely be found. Look around the area for bear scat. If there is any, that will be a good sign that a bear frequents that area. An examination of the scat will show what the bear has been eating. Scratching trees and bear nests are also signs of bear activity in a particular area.

Step three is to install a tree stand. It is important to build the tree stand in at a height that will not make the shot too steep and cause a double-lung hit to become impossible. This height will be between ten and twelve feet. The tree blind would be best set up in a thicket of trees that would prevent too much shadowing and should accommodate a bow hunter that is sitting down. The tree stand should also be built where it allows the hunter to remain as still as possible so the bear does not become aware of the hunters presence.

Step four is to remain safe while bear hunting. Safety is the main reason for using a tree stand when bow hunting black bears. Hunting from a tree stand is much safer than walking around to hunt one.

Bow hunting Black Bears is an experience that can be enjoyed, but should be done correctly. Not being prepared when hunting these animals could end up in a life or death situation for the bow hunter. This would not be the way that most would want their hunt to end.

By Deborah Anderson - Deborah Anderson is a part-time writer who enjoys writing and researching in her spare time, while being fulltime mom to two teenagers.