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Archery Bows For Sale


Archery Bows For Sale

Types of Archery Bows for Sale
By []Kathryn Sagemiller

Archery is a popular sport for all ages, but particularly becoming more popular with young archers. With the proper bow your skill and your aim are your means of success and they offer you a sense of power and mastery. Archery can be a lone sport or you can compete with others. If you would like to learn about the best Archery Bows For Sale now, this article is for you!


The longbow has been around since medieval times. It is generally as tall as the archer. The longbow is made of a single piece of wood and has no sites, arrow rests or other pieces attached to the bow. Your aim is totally in your hands and your release of the arrow must happen shortly after you aim for your target. Your skill and practice create your perfection at hitting the target.

Recurve Bows

Recurve is the most popular bow for beginners. It gets its name from its shape which is curved toward your body in the middle and curves away from your body at both ends. The shape of the recurve stores more energy for each release of an arrow than that of the longbow. The recurve is made up of three pieces; the handle (riser) and two limbs that are slotted or screwed into the riser.


Crossbows are often used to hunt game animals. This bow is shorter, but heavier than traditional bows. The crossbow allows the hunter to cock the arrow for long periods of time without exerting much effort. This gives the archer time to perfect their aim before releasing the arrow. The draw force of the crossbow is much higher than any other bow. The drawbacks to the crossbow are its heaviness and it's a bit more awkward to use than traditional bows.

Compound Bows

The compound bow was introduced in the 1970's in the archery scene. It is very popular with archers because of its strength of draw and its accuracy in hitting the target. It is designed with pulleys and cables to give them leverage to make the straight, stiff limbs bend. Compounds require less strength to draw compared to the basic recurve bow. Strength, speed and accuracy are the popular features of the compound bow.

Men and women are different archers because of their strength and body design. Women can generally draw 30 pounds and men can draw 50 pounds. Female arms are designed to curve in towards the bow. Women need to be conscious of this and compensate when drawing or risk injuring their arm when releasing the arrow.

Stop into a good sporting goods store and try out the different Archery Bows For Sale and see how they feel to your body. Then jump online to get the best price at an auction site like eBay. Depending on what you want to use your bow for, you can choose the type of bow that best fits your needs. Archery is a skill that is perfected with practice. You can compete with your own personal best as well as other archers in competitions.

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